This article markedly UNDERestimates the risks of miscarriage in pregnancy. The authors in their verbal description claim a “12%” miscarriage rate – in itself bad enough (though they minimize the importance of even 12%). But careful analysis of their own data in the data charts with their article by our international experts paint a very different story of the risk of early miscarriage. When the data is analyzed correctly, and correct “numbers” used for the calcuations, the actual early miscarriage is approximately 82% (81.8% to be exact) – a staggering loss of early pregnancies. Please see the references and FACT SHEETS that our expert panel have written and posted on our website under Patient Resources:
Please see our International Press Conference from August 19, 2021 with an international panel of experts discussing vaccine threats to fertility and pregnancy – STOP the SHOT Campaign, Press Conference #2. Link is on HOME PAGE, scroll down under the banner for each of the last three.
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COVID-19 Vaccines & Pregnancy Risks
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